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ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim

Filter Nozzle Systems for a seamless production

To avoid interruptions of the injection molding production caused by contaminated melt, we have developed a specific Filter Nozzle System, which reduces machine down time to a minimum. The system is supplied ready to installation and mounted onto the cylinder of the injection molding machine instead of the machine nozzle or the shut-off nozzle. Rinsing of the system is more than simple: Just retract the injection unit and to turn the Filter Nozzle Shaft to its rinsing position. Depending on the degree of debris, 2-3 shots clean the system. For higher shot-weights, an even smaller amount of shots is sufficient for rinsing!

The ROKO Filter Nozzle Systems are available in three sizes for different shot weights and can be used with almost all types of plastic materials.

The Filter Meshes are made out of heavy-duty tool steel and – depending on the application – are available as coated version whenever filled material is used (glass, carbon, minerals, talc, ceramic etc.). All Filter Meshes are specifically designed to remove wood, stones, glass or metal greater than 0.10 mm from the melt – whether you use virgin or regrind material, ensuring that your Hot Runners and Injection Molding Tools function consistently with all cavities.

Quality control of a filter nozzle adapter

Small investment — huge benefit:

  • Maximum process safety and increased productivity of your injection molding production through elimination of mold failures and machine down time as a result of contaminated melt.
  • Fast and easy rinsing by a simple turn of the control shaft.
  • Universal usability through minimum pressure loss with Filter Nozzle System.
  • Minimum down time as rinsing is typically performed at color changes or other scheduled maintenance procedures and is completed within 1-2 minutes.
  • Quick-change assembly on all injection molding machines through customized Filter Adapters for your specific injection unit.
  • Avoids expensive mold and Hot Runner repair costs through filtering of debris within melt (different size filter meshes available).
  • Reduction of raw material cost through possible usage of regrind material.
  • Short pay-off period through attractive pricing of the Filter Nozzle Systems (typically the systems is paid by 2-3 avoided mold repairs).