ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim
ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim

Temperature control systems for a reliable injection molding process

As full service supplier, we also offer systems for consistent melt temperature control. ROKO Temperature Controllers are characterized through their user-friendliness and rigid design and are available as modular one-channel-systems.

Technical features:

  • Simple operation, as only actual and reference values are to be entered and no specific programming knowledge is required.
  • Self-explaining handling through separate reference and actual value displays.
  • Increased process safety of your injection molding production through integrated alarm feature that acoustically alerts at temperature fluctuations or power shortages (in case of Thermo Couple failures the systems switches automatically into manual percent power output mode).
  • Automatic ramp-up mode eliminates shortages of heaters due to moisture.
  • Boost function for immediate temperature increase at start of production
  • Temperature decrease (standby) with a simple bottom push.