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ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim

Reliable valve gate systems for the most demanding applications

Valve Gate Systems are used for most demanding requirements – for example when zero gate vestige is mandatory. Also for smallest distances between single cavities or for cycle time reduction, Valve Gates Systems offer unique advantages over conventional Hot Runner Nozzles.

Hydraulic and pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzle

The hydraulic or pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzle is a precision-controlled Valve Gate System for multi cavity moulds. All wear parts are easily accessible through the mounting plate of the mould. The system is suitable for shot weight of up to 3000 grams depending on the gate diameter. Application-specific solutions are available as well as the hydraulic or pneumatic control of the selectable gate stroke. The innovative design of Valve and Valve Guide guarantees an almost touch-free and thus optimized gate quality. 

Features and benefits:

  • Maximum functionality through almost wear-free system.
  • Perfect parts quality through optimized surface optics and elimination of gate vestige.
  • Minimum part tolerances through reliable reproducibility of all process parameters.
  • Cycle time reduction through individual sequencing of each cavity filling.
  • Optimal profitability through ideal price-benefit-ratio.
  • 24-hour-delivery service for all standard Nozzles and Components.

Fully electrical Valve Gate Nozzle with variable stroke of 10µ accuracy

Especially for applications in clean room environments, the Valve Gate Nozzle is also available as a fully electrical system. This system combines the advantages of the Valve Gate Technology with the possibilities of modern servo drive technique.


  • Absolutely suitable for clean room applications
  • Controlled variability of speed and stroke of the needle
  • Adjustable angle of the needle at closing/opening
  • Segmental pre-chamber system for multi-components applications
  • Ideal for cascade injection
  • Standardized drive module replaces hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
  • Drive module is also suitable for electrical core pulling control

All Valve Gate Systems are product solutions of XINTECH Hotrunner AG. For many years, the XINTECH Valve Gate Nozzles have proven their reliability in the field and are specifically designed for high-tech applications. Please click here for further information about XINTECH.