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ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim

Hot Runner Manifold Systems - custom designed for your specific application

Based on different basic concepts, we custom design each Hot Runner Manifold individually for your specific application.

If desired, we also provide completely pre-wired Hot Runner Systems. As complete systems supplier, we also offer "Hot Halves", consisting of the entire hot side of the injection molding tool including the completely integrated Hot Runner System.

Most important when designing a Hot Runner Manifold System is the optimized material balance, thus ensuring an optimal melt flow. If possible, all of our Hot Runner Manifolds are naturally balanced. In case, the customer specification does not allow for such a natural balance, our specialists exactly determine the melt flow within the Hot Runner Manifold by using our own simulation software. The results are rheologically optimal balanced Hot Runner Manifold Systems that provide consistent quality of your injection molding production – even for the most difficult applications.

ROKO Typenschild
The type plate guarantees an immediate identification of your project

Your advantages of ROKO Hot Runner Manifold Systems:

  • Maximum process safety through optimized balance material flow within the Manifold System.
  • Reliable production through elimination of leakages with special sealing contours of the Hot Runner Manifolds.
  • Minimized heat-up cycles through optimal melt temperature profile inside the Manifold System.
  • Individual tool design through custom design of Hot Runner Manifolds.
  • Quick color change through elimination of "dead corners".
  • Short delivery times through utilization of proven design concepts.
  • 24-hour-delivery service for all standard Nozzles and Components.