ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim
ROKO Plastic Solutions - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim

Pre-assembled Hot Runner Systems with threaded Hot Runner Nozzles

eingeschraubte ROKO HeißkanaldüsenEspecially for pre-assembled Hot Runner Systems, the Friederich GmbH, Pforzheim (Germany), has completed its ROKO product line and now offers threaded Hot Runner Nozzles. The threaded Hot Runner Nozzles provide a leak-proof connection to the Manifold and allow for a pre-assembly of the complete Hot Runner System. With Nozzle lengths of up to 400mm (longer size Nozzles are available upon request), different insertion depths can easily be realized. The threaded Hot Runner Nozzles are available with melt channel diameters of up to 20.0mm, ensuring save production processes even for higher shot weights.

eingeschraubte ROKO HeißkanaldüsenIf desired, the Friederich GmbH supplies completely pre-assembled ROKO Hot Runner Systems as Drop-in-Systems. In addition to the threaded Hot Runner Nozzles, wiring and tubing is already part of the pre-assembled system. Prior to delivery, the proper functionality of the completely pre-assembled system is tested, ensuring minimum assembly time for fast parts sampling.

Since 1979, the name ROKO stands for innovative solutions in Hot Runner Technology. It has always been the main focus of the specialists of the Friederich GmbH to develop systems and components that are characterized through their reliability and user-friendliness. The results of our developments are optimal balanced and custom build Hot Runner Manifolds as well as a modular system of reliable Hot Runner Nozzles for almost all injection molding applications. Filter Nozzle Systems, Machine Nozzles, Shut-off Nozzles, Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems and Accessories for the Plastics Processing Industry complete the ROKO product line.

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